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Fallow deer have a range of hide colors ranging from black to pure white, menil or spotted. With their antler formations and differing skins colors they make a wonderful trophy for the wall.

The 'Rut’ for fallow deer begins in April and extends to the end of May. Hunting fallow is available February through September.

The Fallow Buck during the 'Rut' gets very aggressive towards other animals. They are very vocal with a croak like grunting noise as the buck protects his females or issues his challenge to other Bucks.

Fallow deer graze on the top edge of the timberline and the edge of scrub line. Can be found out in the open grass terraces as much as in the dense scrub.

The Fallow Buck is a very timid and wary animal making this type of hunting very challenging.
We will offer Fallow as a preserve hunt, with a large selection of bucks.


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• Beautiful rainforest scenery
• Crystal clear blue river with brown trout
• Luxurious new modern cabin lodgings
• Sky TV
• Wonderful meals
• Great guide
• Paradise duck and black swan hunting after May 6th
• Turkey Hunting
• Night eeling - Can reach 3 ft long long
• Trout fishing
• Horse-back riding
• Great wild red stags
• Hunting from March/September
• Only one hunting group on Haupiri Valley at a time, for your ultimate enjoyment
• Train ride after adventure back to Christchurch from Greymouth through Arthurs Pass on 4 hour train ride is considered best in the world.