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Hunt the wily sika deer in the central North Island with world renowned hunting guide, Neil Philpott or Kent Kaiser. Both free range and preserve hunts available in idyllic settings. Stay in modest lodgings with the guide on the hunting block (at no extra cost) or retire to the Millenium motel in nearby Lake Taupo where local trout fishing is superb.

Sika deer were originally from Asia and were introduced to the North Island of New Zealand at the start of the century. The North Island is the only island of New Zealand which sika deer inhabit.

There are good numbers of Sika deer in certain areas of the North Island and they are a very exciting and challenging deer to hunt.

Smaller in size than a Red Deer but bigger than a Fallow or Whitetail, Sika are a very popular animal to hunt with their elusiveness and ghosting through the scrub.

The best way to fly within New Zealand from South Island to North Island is using Flights are in New Zealand Dollars only needing 24 hr advance notice.

Contact us for your personal custom fit hunt and pricing on free-range hunts.

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