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Helicopter Drop-off Hunts (helicopter included in the price)

Chamoi first arrived in New Zealand in 1907 from Austria while Tahr are originally from the Himalayan Mountains of Asia and were liberated to New Zealand in 1904.

Tahr hunts are best carried out between mid-April and mid-August. Tahr bulls begin to move into the nanny groups at the end of May and will stay with these groups until the end of August.

Tahr hunting can be a very physically challenging experience, which takes the hunter high into the snow and ice of New Zealand's rugged alpine country. However with the right hunting guide, this can become a hugely satisfying and successful challenge, with a magnificent trophy as the ultimate prize.

Tahr and Chamoi are supremely adapted to the alpine terrain of New Zealand, which now has the only feral Tahr herd outside of the Himalaya. Bull Tahr are a much sought after game animal by overseas hunters, no doubt because many world class trophies are taken here.

You will see possibly some of the best scenery in the world in the areas we hunt these animals.

Note: The best advice for hunting tahr and chamois is practice shooting as much as possible as the animals can be very wary and will not wait around long for you and some shots may be on the run.

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• Luxurious new modern cabin lodgings
• Wonderful meals
• Great guide
• Paradise duck and black swan hunting after May 6th
• Turkey Hunting
• Night eeling - Can reach 3 ft long long
• Crystal clear blue river with brown trout
• Great wild & preserve red stags, and fallow deer.
• Train ride after adventure back to Christchurch from Greymouth through Arthurs. Pass on 4 hour train ride is considered best in the world.