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Red Deer were imported to New Zealand in the early 1850's from British Royalty. New Zealand is now known to produce world renowned Red Stags.

Private Preserve Hunting is at Haupiri Valley, which is nestled at the base of mountains with stunning views, snow fed rivers, and lakes.

For 2008 we have expanded the hunting area to include all of the natural forest and tussocks and make your hunt even more memorable as the scenery is fantastic.

We hunt an area from the river valley to a gradual mountain slope, at the top overlooking the entire valley. This is not a piece of cake hunt, so try to get your legs in shape. On the other hand we will cater to all types of physically fit hunters to give them the best experience possible.

You will be able to get a quality hunt from March - September with the ‘Rut’ (Roar) beginning in March and through to May. Taking a trophy stag makes you eligible for SCI record book and we can help you track down stags that will take you into the books with an impressive tally and memories of a great adventure.

Stags range from 300 – 500+ SCI. Weights 450lbs - 700lbs. Best trophy 6 - 8 years old. Winter coats are thicker dark red, with white trim around back end.

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• Beautiful rainforest scenery
• Crystal clear blue river with brown trout
• Luxurious new modern cabin lodgings
• Wonderful meals
• Great guide
• Paradise duck and black swan hunting after May 6th
• Turkey Hunting
• Night eeling - Can reach 3 ft long long
• Trout fishing
• Horse-back riding
• Great wild red stags
• Hunting from March/September
• Only one hunting group on Haupiri Valley at a time, for your ultimate enjoyment
• Train ride after adventure back to Christchurch from Greymouth through Arthurs Pass on 4 hour train ride is considered best in the world.